Friday, March 27, 2009

The beginning of March was warm and pleasant, but it roared out like a lion with the Mistral winds whipping down the narrow streets.  I spent a very cold windy day on March 24th in Arles.  What an impressive jewel, the Roman amphitheatre built with dry stone i.e. no cement, the ruins of the Forum, another  half circle amphitheatre and a hippodrome are only a few things the Romans left behind!   Along the River Rhone  a carved head of Julius Ceasar was found embedded in the river.  Van Gogh also had his hayday in Arles painting pictures by night as the evenings were so warm it was cooler outside.  In 2009 the modern world is still forgotten in these narrow passages, Arles boasts a museum, a photography college, lots of cafes and boutiques.  Well worth a trip.

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